Less of me, or the Less of me, Physically?

Food does not define life; the mind does!

Take-out, Fast food, overeating, and snacking; these few seemingly harmful habits can have drastic unequivocal repercussions within only a few months.  Skipping breakfast and eating a hefty late lunch, followed by a gorge at midnight seemed to epitomize my college life.  Surly lacking healthful nutritional aspects my unaware change of person grappled my knowing conscience.

I never, ever had a problem with being overweight, been there most of my life.  Never had any social problems throughout school or any other social activities; come to think of it, it was the complete opposite.  I loved going out, making new friends, and learning new things; never thought weight mattered, and to an extent it didn’t.  My personality allowed me to thrive socially and become a popular young adult; later allowing for the best friends and family to shape me into what I am today.

This past summer it hit me, I did not want to purposely stretch out my shirts before going out, neglect my favorite jeans because the “waistband shrunk”, and buy the top sizes at my favorite stores.  This past summer I made a change, working out replaced lounging around the house, grilled chicken and veggies replaced the number 5 on the menu, and clothing sizes of my youth replaced the table cloths of the now.

Just about 80 pounds less of Justin, less of me.  My character still unchanged and persona happier than ever, just less excess.  Less eating and more living, less sitting and more doing, and less exhaustion and more energy.  Now exhibiting a healthier lifestyle allows me to branch out from my minds barriers, escaping from the norms towards something new, something better.  I never let weight define me physically, outwardly, or personally; but my physical loss releases the inner curiosity that propels me to an alternate route on the fast-paced highway of life.


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