Give Them a Break!

Sometimes People Deserve a Break From the Cards They Were Dealt

Omi, the family chosen, german originating word for grandmother

“I know what i got now, after cornea transplants, who knows what I’m going to have”

Born in Germany in an extreme rural countryside, hard work and “slave-like” treatment was no stranger to her, mentally nor physically.  At age six she lugged up bags doubling her weight in a nearby castle for the royal travelers, by the time she could walk farm work became her hobby, and schooling was considered a luxury.  Her move to America further tested her individuality and capabilities more than the harsh establishments in the “Old Country.”  She escaped the wrath of her overbearing uncle from the help of a man named Christian; Christian Harlacher, my grandfather.  Presently, steadfast in the aging process, she suffers from multiple diseases caused by negligent doctors after myriads of surgical procedures.  Recent contraction of MRSA, from a hip replacement, kept her hospital ridden for weeks.  Multiple eye diseases cripple her vision to seeing nothing but unrecognizable remnants of faces.  Today this 80 year old couple traveled 4 hours by car to south Florida’s pristine eye institute, Bascam Palmer, who told her they could not help.  I’m a firm believer in karma and judging from her past, I motion for a get out of jail free card!


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