A newbie still learning the ropes :)

Continuing my concern for finding a suitable topic; but till then, some jargon.

Today, so far, is a continued display of the norm. Arose at 5:30 am, half-heartedly groped for clothes in the cave-like darkness, stammered in the shower, brushed my teeth and stared into the mirror. Do you ever take a moment and look at yourself, just stare at your reflection? Wonder what life has in store? where will you be 5 years from now? Yep, today was one of those days.

Waiting for the number 12, smothered by fellow students whose veiny eyes were propped open from the overbearing intoxication of caffeine. I could tell they were thinking the same thing i was… future. as the 40 degree air-conditioned bus ride came to completion and my dismount alluded to the condensation of my glasses I swiped my ID for the newspaper.

Fifteen minutes to spare before my East German Professor began his lecture of lower respiratory infections, I gobbled up information from the paper. President Barack Obama unknowingly won the nobel peace prize, and was illuminated with an awakening phone call at 6 am. toggling past the headlines i staggered across an announcement that the local student newsroom is seeking an opinions columnist and is hosting an open house this afternoon in search for their need.

“All majors welcome, Creative ideas needed, on the spot interviews”

Being a microbiology major and an empty writing portfolio holds me back for the time being. Having the creative idea isn’t the issue, but reactions to it from this blog may be the perfect test for social approval.


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