Hello to the blogging family!

Directed, over focused, non-spontaneous to life’s opportunities

Middle school was the birth place of my preordained destiny, this was where my life goal was established and all paths leading to this point mapped and routed before the breach of high school.  A, was the soul letter spanning my high school transcript perfectly aligned, adjacent to the surplus of science courses drowning out the occasional elective.  Raced to the finish clicking the submit button to all my college applications, hurtled through orientations, obliterated course placement tests, and finally walked into the University of Florida as a freshmen.  A freshmen, with 60 credits.

The step-by-step procedure outlined within my conscience paved a perfect path without detours, to this point in my life.  School, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and physician shadowing encompassed my time leaving only scraps to allow for curiosity.

University classes came and went, while my library tab rapidly inclined to a near vertical angle.  pre-med organizations, honors fraternity, teacher assistant, and volunteer hours emulated my life.  Now, it’s my senior year! I am 20 years old, and i want to make a change.  My passion for writing and helping the community has broken the barrier within my heart and has saturated my brain, I NEED to fulfill and embrace this aspect of my personality.

My constant wrangle to keep me on my preordained track has loosened.  My biggest desire is to be a doctor, but my youth and sheer curiosity won’t allow for rocks to go unturned.  I must experience writing, I must do teach for america.  After I have made my mark, my continued expression will be strengthened by only two letters; MD.

Next year is my year to branch out from my minds grasp, to go after the unknown and experience the unexperienced.  To my fellow bloggers, I will take you through this journey, for those who cannot branch out from their routines and responsibility live it through me.  I am still undecided of who or what my blog will focus, but i will incorporate this aspect of the NEW ME into which ever topic i choose.

spontaneity is a power that only courage can produce.  I am taking the risk and detouring off my path.  Where will I end up?


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